Sheet music by Debra Rowe

Ukrainian Folk Song Suite

Ukrainian Folk Song Suite

FOR: mezzo soprano, Bb clarinet, viola, piano

  1. Leleki: 4:45
  2. Horila Sosna: 4:15
  3. Hopak: 3:10

This is a popular audience pleaser, two slow movements and a third dance movement which invites the audience to clap along. Leleki (The Stork), is a haunting melody of exile, developed for the three instrumentalists. Horila Sosna, (The Pine Trees are Burning), a bitter-sweet eve-before-the-wedding song, includes the singer who may vocalize or choose to sing the Ukrainian words. Hopak (Dance) is a joyous celebration where the mezzo soprano, though she doesn't sing, does cue the audience to clap along. Usually gets standing ovations!

  1. Adagio

  2. pdf mp3
  3. Andante
  4. pdf mp3
  5. Allegretto
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set of 4 parts (mezzo-soprano,Bb clarinet, viola,piano) for 3 movements:


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